Key Employees


Jeff Halperin

Jeff Halperin, Owner

Founding partner and president of D&H Construction, Jeff has worked in the construction industry for his entire adult life. He met his partner, David Deslierres, when they were working as finish carpenters on a kitchen project in the 1970s. They incorporated in 1981, and since then the work has included all types of multi-unit construction, from complex rehabs to new construction. Jeff is involved in all aspects of the business, including bidding projects, value engineering, overseeing the project management team, and interacting with owners and architects. When not in the office Jeff is most often on one of his bicycles.
Jansen Lum

Jansen Lum, Owner and Project Manager

Jansen, a native from the East Bay, is a licensed architect and contractor that has been involved in design and construction management in the Bay Area for over two decades. He has a Bachelor of Architecture with a minor in Art History from California State Polytechnic University Pomona. He has a background in construction management with on site management experience. His prior position specialized in construction of multi-family housing, but has experience in commercial, retail, health care, institutions, and single-family. Jansen brings a unique perspective to the office having been a design professional as well as a construction project manager.
Marshall Snow

Marshall Snow, Owner and Project Manager

As a fourth-generation contractor, Marshall has been involved in numerous aspects of the construction industry for most of his life. He has worked on various project types ranging from historic restoration, new custom homes, and affordable housing. Marshall graduated with a BS in Urban Studies from San Francisco State University, where his studies focused on land use planning, affordable housing, and green building. Professionally, he has worked for nonprofit developers, community development groups, and city planning departments focusing on sustainable development, planning, and policies at the local and regional levels. Marshall is responsible for estimating, scheduling, and overseeing projects through completion.


Jim Bourque

Jim Bourque, Project Manager

Jim has extensive and diverse project management experience in multiple areas including retirement housing, high-rise structural retrofits, public schools, colleges, community centers, and hazardous abatement. He is a highly effective team leader with a proven ability to successfully manage and deliver multi-million dollar projects that have exceeded customer expectations, on-time and on-budget. Jim is very organized, professional and able to manage multiple complex projects simultaneously. His project manager duties include plan review, preparing pricing sheets, developing preliminary budget estimates for new projects, scheduling, and ensuring excellent quality control. Jim loves to travel and he also enjoys scuba diving and ice hockey in his spare time.
Oskar Contreras

Oskar Contreras, Project Manager

With over twenty years of experience, Oskar has been involved in all aspects of construction — construction laborer, draftsman, project engineer, project manager, and estimator. Previous work has included cost engineering, CAD, project scheduling, project control activities, contractor bid reviews, and productivity analysis. As Project Manager at D&H, Oskar is the primary point of contact with the owner and architect, and he works directly with the job site superintendent in scheduling and coordinating employees, subcontractors, and vendors, and managing the project budget. Oskar is fluent in English and Spanish. He's a licensed amateur radio operator and IT enthusiast.
Jack Halperin

Jack Halperin, Project Manager

A second-generation contractor, Jack has worked in all aspects of construction. He started over ten years ago with hands on carpentry experience and has since worked in all levels, from building fences and decks to managing complex occupied rehab projects. He has held multiple positions with D&H, starting in carpentry, moving to site superintendent, and then on to project manager. As project manager at D&H, he provides coordination between the owner and field personnel to ensure that the owner's needs are met, develops and implements project documents, works closely with architects, construction managers, subcontractors, and superintendents, creates complex schedules, ensures excellent quality control and site safety, and maintains clear communication among diverse stakeholders. He is also involved in new project planning for D&H, including drawing review, subcontractor selection, bid proposals, and budget development.

Jack believes in sustainability through good construction practices and job-site awareness.


Chris Chreston

Chris Chreston, Job Site Supervisor

With 11 years in the construction industry, Chris has worked in a commercial building environment and at the University of California where he learned his craft as a carpenter, foreman carpenter, assistant superintendent, and obtained a General Contractor license. At D&H Construction as a site superintendent, he manages all aspects of the jobs, including scheduling, coordinating subcontractors, communication with building managers and personnel, problem solving, quality control, safety meetings and safety enforcement, and task management. In his spare time Chris plays guitar, works on his 1969 Plymouth Barracuda and is an outdoorsmen.
Nitin Griffiths

Nitin Griffiths, Job Site Supervisor

Nitin has diverse construction experience — project manager for multi-family rehab projects, head of operations for commercial and residential properties, and development manager for mixed use properties including 2000+ residential apartments. Assertive and enthusiastic with extensive knowledge of process optimization, he is an effective leader who excels at using proven methods and cutting-edge technology to successfully cut costs, streamline operations, and increase productivity. As site superintendent at D&H Construction, he oversees day-to-day operations at a senior housing rehab project. He is responsible for subcontractor coordination and the organization, distribution, and management of all construction documents for the field office.
Curtis King

Curtis King, Job Site Supervisor

Involved in construction for 30 years, Curtis has expertise in excavation, concrete, scaffolding, framing, and finish carpentry. As an employee of D&H, he is a confident and energetic job supervisor. He has extensive experience reading plans, estimating, scheduling, troubleshooting, and problem solving. As Job Site Supervisor, Curtis interacts with engineers, architects, subcontractors, employees, suppliers, and owners and oversees the daily operations needed to keep the schedule moving forward. In his spare time Curtis likes to sail and play jazz and swing guitar.
Pete Lucchese

Pete Lucchese, Job Site Supervisor

Pete has been involved in construction for over 40 years. He spent the first 12 years as a union carpenter and the next 30 as a superintendent, working at all types of public projects, including housing, schools, and hospitals. As Job Site Supervisor, Pete is responsible for interacting with the architect, site manager, subcontractors, and inspectors, and managing the day-to-day flow of information between the job site and D&H office.
Greg Saler

Greg Saler, Job Site Supervisor

A site superintendent with thirty years of professional and practical experience in construction, Greg has an exceptional record of dependability and reliability with outstanding skills for scheduling and overseeing multiple subcontractors to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. Past work has included everything from small residential remodels, large custom homes, and commercial projects, to work at sixteen locations on the UC Berkeley campus and large rehabs of occupied multi-family housing projects. As site superintendent at D&H he is responsible for all aspects of the project, including interaction with the architect, site manager, owner, and subcontractors, and coordination of all tasks that occur in occupied housing.
Chris Scallin

Chris Scallin, Job Site Supervisor

Chris Scallin is a project superintendent with over ten years of experience overseeing multi-family/senior housing projects. Chris has been involved with many different projects ranging from new/ground-up construction, to overseeing a major rehabilitation of a 300+ unit facility for senior housing, a gymnasium conversion — including installation of a drop down movie projector, rock climbing wall, and other recreational sports. Chris has also completed several smaller "matrix"/occupied rehab projects throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Chris's primary responsibility at D&H Construction is to oversee day-to-day site activities, communicate and maintain project schedule, plans and specs, monitor site safety, and maintain owner and tenant relations.
Giovany Silva

Giovany Silva, Project Engineer

Giovany has been involved in construction for over 7 years in the fields of sheet metal, framing, and HVAC balancing and testing. Giovany graduated with a BS in Architecture from the University of California, at Berkeley in 2013. He will obtain his Master of Science degree in Construction Management from California State University, East Bay in June, 2015. As LEED GA Certified, Giovany provides basic knowledge and understanding of green design. Giovany's primary responsibility at D&H Construction is to assist the superintendent in the field. He is involved in all project areas including subcontractor coordination, scheduling, construction safety and monitoring, and facilities communication between owner, architect, and subcontractors.
Wayne Tom

Wayne Tom, Job Site Supervisor

A skilled contractor with over 30 years in the construction industry, Wayne is highly organized, efficient and experienced in a variety of tasks, including estimating, plan review, administration, and management. Past projects have included affordable housing rehab, hospitals, schools, wineries, healthcare facilities, apartment buildings, and courthouses. As site superintendent, Wayne is responsible for collaborating with the project manager, architect, site manager, subcontractors, and inspectors, and handling the daily communication between the job site and D&H office. An avid motorcyclist, Wayne enjoys riding and restoring older bikes along with camping and outdoor life.
Scott Troop

Scott Troop, Job Site Supervisor

A California native, Scott has been working on construction in the Bay Area for twenty years, beginning with carpentry work at high end homes in the Napa Valley. His experience includes both new construction and modernization, where he worked as carpenter, foreman, assistant superintendent, closeout superintendent, and general contractor. His background is diverse, including work on school classrooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums, libraries, and administration offices, plus townhouses and single-family homes. At D&H he is involved in all project areas including subcontractor coordination, scheduling, construction safety and monitoring, and facilitating communication between the owner, architect, and subcontractors.


Shelley Halperin

Shelley Halperin, Accounts Payable

Shelley is in charge of accounts payable. She brings over 25 years of experience in office administration in the public sector along with previous accounting work in the music industry. Her hobbies include walking, hiking, and cooking, and she enjoys theatre, movies, and other cultural events.
Cathy Lenfestey

Cathy Lenfestey, Office Administration and HR Manager

A member of the D&H team for over fifteen years, Cathy is the senior staff administrator for D&H Construction. She has worked on all aspects of office administration, including billing, accounts receivable/payable, construction administration, pay applications, and contracts. As a long-term employee of the company, she currently prepares new project applications and bid proposals, oversees accounts payable and accounts receivable processing, prepares subcontractor contracts, tracks prevailing wage compliance, processes payroll, ensures D&H insurance compliance, and manages the website. Her experience working in the public sector for over thirty years also gives her expertise in the technical operations and requirements for D&H.
Margaritha Tahan

Margaritha Tahan, Project Administration

Margaritha has been working in the construction industry for over twenty years. Past positions have given her skills in all aspects of construction administration, including insurance compliance, contract compliance, preparing submittals, change orders, RFIs, proposals, bids, marketing and sales, and monthly meeting coordination. Margaritha is responsible for reviewing and analyzing owner/GC insurance requirements, tracking subcontractor insurance compliance, processing submittals, RFI preparation, subcontractor bid invitations, processing owner and subcontractor change orders, and compiling close out documents. She is fluent in German and English and is a proponent of affordable housing, believing that is a basic right for everyone.
Alice Wilson-Abramson

Alice Wilson-Abramson, Contract Accounting and Administration

Alice has worked in the construction industry for 15 years. She worked as an accounts receivable/payable professional with a San Francisco firm where she handled all aspects of accounting. Alice brings exceptional organization and complex problem solving skills to D&H Construction where she oversees contract requirements, budgets, and documentation.